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What’s New

NOCI What’s New May 2019

Neural Outcomes Consulting Inc, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Kalsi Ryan takes on the workshop, Conservative Care for Spine Conditions: Defining the Gap and Finding Rehabilitation Solutions, at the 8th annual Global Spine Congress taking place May 15-18, 2019 in Toronto, Ont.  Alongside Darryl Yardley, Angelo Papachristos, Laura Passalent, Julie Vaughan-Grant, Carole Chebarro, Dr. Kalsi- Ryan’s goal is to build a foundation for inter-professional necessity between surgeons and physical therapists.  To learn more please visit https://www.gsc2019.org/.


Sunnybrook-Toronto Rehab Visiting Professorship

On Thursday, May 30th, 2019, Dr. Kalsi-Ryan co-hosts the Visiting Professorship at the TRI Lyndhurst Centre.  Co-hosting with Sunnybrook Hospital, TRI welcomes a very informative visit from University of Miami’s Chair of Neurosurgery, Dr. Allan D. Levi, who will be speaking on “novel treatment strategies for spinal cord and periphery nerve injury”. Read more here.


Importance of Humanity in Healthcare, June 2019

What is one thing that is becoming a rare commodity in health care? On June 6, 2019 NOCI CEO, Dr. Kalsi-Ryan will be speaking at the ALIVE in Healthcare Conference on the importance of humanity in health care and what role she is playing in its ongoing development of patient centered care excellence. To learn more click here

Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Centre’s Rocket North Clinic enhances access to innovative therapies and it’s clinical research is helping to restore function in people with spinal cord injuries.


Announcing a new position for Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan, CSO of Neural Outcomes. She is now Scientific Lead for the Rocket Family Upper Extremity Clinic at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and also Clinic Lead for the Lyndhurst location. For more information, please visit http://reltoronto.ca/index.php/clinics/


Towards a consensus on the assessment in tetra hand surgery

Dr. Kalsi-Ryan, CSO, NOCI has great success in Nottwil, Switzerland at the Tetrahand World Congress 2018.  Working with rehabilitation leaders, Dr. Kalsi-Ryan participated in a workshop aimed to develop a consensus on the assessment in tetra hand surgery. The workshop leads will be releasing a consensus in the coming months. Visit www.tetrahand2018.com/ for more information.


Neural Outcomes Consulting Inc. has launched the newly developed Grasp and Release Test at the Tetrahand World Congress 2018 in Nottwil, Switzerland.  NOCI partnered with the Cleveland FES Center to make the GRT readily available to the rehab community.   The GRT was to help shape the use of standardized outcomes in tetra hand surgery and will be available on our eCommerce platform in the coming months.


As a proud sponsor, we are pleased to announce that NeuroTrauma 2018 was a great success!  Professor Armin Curt, Dr. Andrew Maas, Dr. Nicole von Steinbruches, and our CSO, Dr. Sukhvinder Kalis-Ryan delivered an excellent update on outcomes in TBI and SCI. The well-attended session fostered a lively and much-needed discussion on the state of outcomes in Neurotrauma.  Visit www.neurotrauma2018.com/ for more info.


GRASSP Version 2
The Graded Redefined Assessment
of Strength, Sensibility
and Prehension

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan

University of Toronto,
Department of Physical Therapy
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-LC, University Health Network


Didar Khokhar

Business Development and IT Manager. He brings over 20 years of experience in Business Enhancement, Project Management, IT Development and Social Services Sector to NOCI.

Jean Brown

BSc. in Physical Therapy from the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University and her Diploma in Massage Therapy from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic

Miranda Hong

Physical Therapist with the College of Physiotherapists
of Ontario with a BSc.PT from McGill University,


Assessment of the Hand
in Tetraplegia Using the
Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength
Sensibility and

Download Pdf

Development of the
Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength,
Sensibility and

Download Pdf

Outcome Measures for
Acute Subacute Cervical
Sensorimotor Complete
Spinal Cord Injury
During a Phase 2 Clinical

Download Pdf

The Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength
Sensibility and
and validity

Download Pdf

Upper Extremity
Function in Persons with
Tetraplegia Relationships
Between Strength,
Capacity and the Spinal
Cord Independence

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