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What’s New

February 2021

NOCI is now the exclusive manufacturing and distributing e-commerce supplier of the Toronto Rehab Institute Hand Function Test (TRI-HFT).  This collaborative commercial parnership with the KITE Research Institute -UHN,  makes the TRI-HFT available for both clinical and industry use.  The TRI-HFT is designed to assess upper extremity performance after a stroke or spinal cord injury that has been treated with neuromodulation or tendon/peripheral nerve transfer.  Visit the NOCI eStore for purchase and product licensing,

“We designed and developed the TRI Hand Function Test because we discovered that there are no standardized assessment tools available for researchers and clinicians to measure gains in upper extremity function, especially in individuals with spinal cord injury. This is the only tool available on the market that can consistently and reliably measure the change in arm-hand function and is quick to administer and requires no formal training.”

-Naaz Kapadia Desai, The Kite Research Institute at UHN

January 2021

In alighment with NOCI’s mission of  Partnering with the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) community to foster, drive, and implement clinical discovery”, Neural Outcomes has entered this new year with an exclusive training and education partnership with the Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center (LHRC).  The agreement provides non-exclusive rights to Neural Outcomes to govern the license of certain intellectual property by LHRC, Prof. Amiram Catz, and Ms. Malka Itzkovich for distribution, delivery, transfer, education and sales.  Read more about our newest partner, LHRC, here.

November 2020

#4 on the Top 10 Research Priorities from AO SPine on the official #MyelopathyMatters Podcast, is finally here!

This episode features NOCI’s CSO, Dr. Kalsi-Ryan, DCM patient, Paige Howard, and Spine Surgeon, Dr. Koljonen.  They delve into #DCM, and Dr. Kalsi-Ryan shares which functional tool provides an objective assesment for patients with degenerative cervical myelopathy.


July 2020

The Neural Outcomes e-Learning Platform has officiallly launched! This platform provides health care professionals with the necessary training needed to become Standardized Range of Motion Assessors, for the DSI PL3397-A-303 study protocol branded as the ASIA Enliven Study.

May 2020

Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) is the number one cause of spinal cord impairment globally. This is why the AO Spine’s RECODE-DCM virtual event is an imperative initiative in spine care research and development.  After gathering a wide spread consensus from those living with DCM, health professionals, and stake holders, AO Spine will be releasing the top ten unanswered research questions for DCM on May 27, 2020 @ 3pm.  Visit AO Spine to register today.

March 2020

The Toronto ABI Network Conference  will be the 12th & 13th of November, 2020

Submission deadline:  9:00 am on April 13, 2020. Join leaders and colleagues from across the ABI community for one of Canada’s leading ABI conferences. If you are a healthcare or community service provider, a legal representative, an individual living with the effects of an ABI or their caregiver, you won’t want to miss it!

The Call for Abstracts is open!  The Planning Committee of the Toronto ABI Network Conference 2020 is currently seeking submissions from a diverse representation of disciplines, organizations and experiences for concurrent podium presentations and rapid podium presentations.  All submitted abstracts will be vetted through a blind-review process and evaluated by professionals from across the brain injury community.  Submissions by survivors and family members/caregivers are encouraged.

 For more information, contact: Conference Services, PH: 416 597-3422 ext. 3448 E: conferences@uhn.ca

January 2020

Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan (KITE Research Institute) is excited to announce the launch of the PoNS Clinical Feasibility Program in collaboration with Dr. Julie Vaughan-Graham (Physio-Logic), Carole Chebaro (NeuroCore Physiotherapy) and Heather Condello (Complex Injury Rehab). At KITE we are pleased to have partnered with Helius Medical Technologies; while collaborating  with three private Neurorehab clinics as well as being supported by Neural Outcomes Consulting Inc. on this project. Through this project, it is our desire to foster technologies that can change the lives of patients that live with chronic deficits after brain injury.



GRASSP Version 2
The Graded Redefined Assessment
of Strength, Sensibility
and Prehension

Purchase Now ›

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan

University of Toronto,
Department of Physical Therapy
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-LC, University Health Network


Didar Khokhar

Business Development and IT Manager. He brings over 20 years of experience in Business Enhancement, Project Management, IT Development and Social Services Sector to NOCI.

Jean Brown

BSc. in Physical Therapy from the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University and her Diploma in Massage Therapy from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic

Miranda Hong

Physical Therapist with the College of Physiotherapists
of Ontario with a BSc.PT from McGill University,


Assessment of the Hand
in Tetraplegia Using the
Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength
Sensibility and

Download Pdf

Development of the
Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength,
Sensibility and

Download Pdf

Outcome Measures for
Acute Subacute Cervical
Sensorimotor Complete
Spinal Cord Injury
During a Phase 2 Clinical

Download Pdf

The Graded Redefined
Assessment of Strength
Sensibility and
and validity

Download Pdf

Upper Extremity
Function in Persons with
Tetraplegia Relationships
Between Strength,
Capacity and the Spinal
Cord Independence

Download Pdf


Now Introducing the NOCI e-Learning Platform!

The Neural Outcomes E-Learning Platform has offically launched!  This…


Attend RECODE-DCM on May 27, 2020 @ 3pm.…

Toronto ABI Network Conference: 12th & 13th November, 2020

Submission deadline:  9:00 am on April 13, 2020.…

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