The NOCI Vision

To devise, enhance and promote the appropriate use of Outcome assessments in the development of novel/innovative treatments in the field of spinal care and to foster and promote sustainability of discovery science.

The NOCI Mission

Partnering with the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) community to conceptualize, seed, incubate, foster, drive, and implement clinical discoveries.

We acknowledge and highly value our esteeemed partners, supporters and collaborators:




GRASSP is a clinical impairment measure that quantifies hand impairment after tetraplegia.  By using psychometric properties, natural recovery, clinical trials, and the GRASSP Score, the GRASSP Research and Development Group (GRDG), lead by NOCI CEO/CSO Dr. Kalsi-Ryan, developed GRASSP Versions 1 and 2.  The GRDG continues work on a version for cervical myelopathy, pediatric patients, and patients undergoing tendon transfer surgery.  NOCI is a proud manufacturer and distributor partner of GRASSP.

The Toronto Rehab Institute Foundation supports the home to the top rehabilitation research centre in the world, Toronto Rehab Institute.  The Toronto Rehab Institute delivers hands-on clinical training to over 1000 students per year, providing the medical industry with health care providers and trained researchers.  With the help of charitable donors and by developing key partnerships, The TRI Foundation can purchase much-needed equipment to enhance patient care.  As a company focused on clinical research and rehabilitation, Neural Outcomes is a proud patron of the TRI Foundation and have partnered with the REL to produce the TRI Hand Function Test.

The center consists of 5 internationally recognized institutions: Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, Metro Health Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute.  The Center supports fundamental neuromuscular research and is also the developer of the Grasp and Release Test (GRT).  The GRT was developed to help shape the use of standardized outcomes in tetra hand surgery.  With the focus on making the GRT readily available to the rehabilitation community, NOCI is a proud manufacturer partner of the Cleveland FES Center.

The Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center Hospital (LRCH) stands as a beacon of innovation in medical rehabilitation.  The LRCH’s dedication to restoring lives and providing grounbreaking advancements in rehabilitation medicine, make them a world leader in innovative approaches to therapeutic interventions, adaptive technologies, and patient-centered care.  Neural Outcomes has signed an agreement with The Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center (“LHRC”) as an exclusive training and education partner. The agreement entails the development and distribution of clinical education related to outcomes assessments, delivery of required knowledge, and commercialization of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure III (SCIM) products.





The internationally recognized European Multicenter Study about Spinal Cord Injury (EMSCI), is a scientifically successful network that focuses on spinal cord injury. By developing a database, the EMSCI Assessment Scheme, conducting workshops, research, enabling projects, and maintaining quality standards, EMSCI has become a highly acclaimed network in clinical spinal cord injury.  NOCI is a proud Associated Member of the EMSCI Network.





NeuroTrauma 2018 is a symposium that has been instrumental in facilitating the exchange of ideas and information related to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. In 2018, NOCI was a proud supporter of the 3rd joint symposium of the international and National Neurotrauma Societies and AANS/CNS Section on Neurotrauma and clinical care.

This is a pre-eminent gathering that focuses on the design, interpretation, delivery and evaluation of clinical care.  The 7th National SCI Conference 2017 introduced a novel discussion on military medicine and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.  NOCI is a proud supporter of this conference that consists of clinicians, physicians, research scientists, and consumers across North America.

Nor Consult, LLC is an industry-leading contract research organization (CRO) that has an extensive experience in managing global multi-center trials for industry, academia, and non-profit sponsors.   Focused on providing clients with an exceptional level of services, Nor Consult specializes in designing, managing, and analysing clinical research studies relating to the spine, spinal cord, and orthopedics.  Neural Outcomes is a proud partner of Nor Consult, LLC.


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